The HOPE Syndicate is a team of what is referred to in the media as Real Life SuperHeroes, or RLSH. These are men and women who take on SuperHeroic personas to do good deeds in their own communities, while raising awareness of societal issues of all types.

In 2010 there was a homeless outreach program done in San Diego, and co-ordinated by Mr. X-Treme, a local RLSH. Being lucky enough to be a part of that, I found it imperative to create and co-ordinate a largescale event which became HOPE2011. HOPE is an acronym for Homeless Outreach Program Effect.

You can read about HOPE2011 inside, but the success of that mission, which saw 32 RLSH helping out an estimated 600 people in Downtown San Diego, became yet another catalyst in the creation of the HOPE Syndicate. A team dedicated solely to the issue of homelessness in the US and Canada.

Our Team HOPE is preparing to work towards a goal, together, of bringing awareness to this issue, and hopefully putting an end to it.

Team Lead; The HOPE Syndicate

The HOPE Syndicate is funded primarily by donations from our friends. Please click on the donate button to be taken to a secure PayPal site and help however you can. You can choose whatever you can afford as a donation, and 100% of donations go to helping the homeless.